a walk between two Garden

museum set up displaying collection with transformed photograph sculpture, found objects, archives, walking and mapping experience

Tianyi Liu


This is Immersive Installation with transformed found objects

Following me on a journey to walk through this garden, bridging the real, fictional and spiritual worlds. I have cultivated my own garden based on metaphors of what a garden is - situated between the essence and phenomenon of it, with found objects, real life experiences, literature and myths. This is a study of gardens related to the human condition. Visit mine and other people’s experiences and memories in a different time and space. It's a journey of learning, a way of being and seeing things below the surface, and walking out from the garden of Eden to garden of real life in this era. The garden catalyses the start of this journey, whilst simultaneously greeting me, and encourages more from me. Slow down your pace, give the space some time to echo, and reflect your mind here.