The Door of Perception

Immersive Installation including Ink on Paper works.

Clovis Bataille

What is shown inside of the space is an Alphabet. Of things that I notice in my close surroundings. It is a language, a vocabulary specific to me, but characters that are also readable by all. Since we are from London College of Communication I felt the need for people, everyone, to understand the work, not only the ones interested in Art. There are different layers of interpretation to this work. It is showing a side of our surroundings that I consider real. Real in the sense of proofs of our living. The damages caused by our evolution in a given environment. With this body of work, a pretty much urban one. The entrance to the space is through a door in the shape of a scar located on my belly. This work comes from an exploration of my identity, where I locate myself in this world, what I make out of it and why I make it.